There are many products in the market claimed that they can help people remove scar,  acne, stretch marks, dark spot, scalds etc. However, most of them don't' work, they just play a role in getting get the attention of the buyer. If you are the one being upset of scars or other skin problem, it is advised to take a try of nuobisong cream.


Nuobisong is one of the most effective cream to treat  Acne, Scars, Scalds, Striae of pregnancy, with the 100% natural ingredient such as Aloe Plant Extract, Heparin Sodium and Allantoin, it can help to clear up blemishes without irritating skin. The key ingredient Heparin sodium and Allantoin work effectively to promote the formation of good skin tissue, Aloe Plant Extract works to promote wound healing, and sterilization detoxification.


With the 100% herbal formula, this cream can be applied to treat the scar caused by surgery, burning, cutting , acne, tattoo laser and others fortuitous event.  We are the official supplier to offer 1005 authentic and effective nuobisong cream, feel free to place you order on our website.


  • Sep 06, 2016
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