Acne and scar are the painful and embarrassing skin condition. These problemscompromise our complexion and affect our life. Generally speaking, most of themwill fade after several months. You can also take some measures to help speedup the process and avoid further hyper-pigmentation

Nuobisong is a famous brand in acne, scarremoval area. This cream is a keratolytic agent with antibacterial actions. The main ingredientbenzoyl peroxide work to improves acne, repair damaged cell variant fibrous tissueand promote soften and relieve scar.

It is easy to apply this cream. Beforeapplying it, clean up affected skin. Take a small amout massage gently onaffected area till fully absorbed. It is advised to apply 2-3 times per day.And result can be seen  after at least28days. We are the official supplier to offer 1005 authentic and effectivenuobisong cream, feel free to place you order on our website.

nuobisong cream

  • Sep 24, 2016
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