Xi Li
This product is so amazing I wanted to tell everyone! I completely recommend for acne scar treatment. It works so fast! I saw these results in one week.
This is good for me. My hand was hurt by the knife and left a big wound. After a few days, it turned into a dark scar. I used the nuobisong cream for a week. The scar faded and new skin grows...this makes me so happy..it is very comfortable..
This product came well-packaged. I have been using it and notice a definite improvement in some of the scars that I had. This product does seem to work better than bio-oil. I would definitely recommend!
valerie porter
My favorite part about this product is that it is all natural. I do not like using a lot of products full of chemicals. I had surgery four months ago and I have tried a few things to help with my scars and they have not really helped. I am really pleased with the progress that I am seeing with this product. I am sure the more I use it, the more it is going to go away.
Good supplier, my order is well packaged and fast shipped
Mary Downes Mullis
I've only been using a few weeks and have noticed a difference  I'm satisfied :)) that was on an old scar I know it will take longer to fade so I can't complain. But on new scars it works wonders I noticed after first use it faded a little already so Nuobisong is some great quality cream.
Margaret Mitchell
I started to notice a difference in 3 days. As I continued to use the product it impressed me more. I will be purchasing a larger bottle to use regularly. I also have a daughter who uses it and says she sees results too! Thank you!!!
ginny moyer
After my daughters last surgery she still had a very noticeable scar about 2 inches long on her stomach. So I ordered this star product. After 3 weeks I have noticed a difference in the scar now it's not gone but there is a difference and she so happy. I will continue to apply this cream twice a day to help her feel better about herself. I would recommend this cream to others.
I really like this scar cream. I have a lot of scars on my arms from work. I have only been using this for 3 days and I am already starting to see a difference.
Have already ordered a second one..love it
I have been using this advanced scar and blemish treatment for 4 days now. It is intended to diminish the appearance of new and old scars, stretch marks and blemishes of any kind.
Kelsey Puryear
So far so good.. I've tried a lot of other scar creams for my BA scars and they just haven't been that effective. This you have to apply a couple of time a day. I will update my review after I have used it for a month.